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Kamali Academy Virtual provides a Live Online Community with Afrikan-Centered Guides who help warrior scholars develop Critical Consciousness through Ourstory, Character Building, Core Skills, Project and Game-Based Learning, Writer’s Workshop sessions, and more.

LIVE ONLINE SESSIONS: 2+ HRS / DAY for the younger warriors and 3+ HRS / for the older warriors.

Spots available for Warrior Scholars: Ages 6 – 16

Core Skills

Core skills are the basic toolkit that young warriors need to master to become lifelong learners. Students spend time each day, setting SMART goals and choosing which Core Skill (reading, writing, and math) to improve. Kamali uses the latest in adaptive online systems and educational gaming in a purposeful, meaningful way, allowing students to learn at their own ability level and at their own pace.


Projects are carefully developed and designed for warrior scholars to learn traditional topics like science, social studies, and history, while concurrently instilling and incorporating the growth of valuable real world skills and abilities. Quests are student-designed projects which not only provide opportunities to learn concepts through “doing,” but when strung together, answer larger questions, fuel student passions, and motivate students to strive for a gamer-like set of rewards. In these ways, student quests become powerful drivers of learning.

Under the Tree Discussions

Guides at Kamali lead discussions like an elder under the baobab tree rather than lecturing as experts or asking leading questions. A Kamali guide sets up scenarios and asks questions to stimulate Afrikan-centered and critical thinking through debate and inquiry.

Launches and closes are critical, consistent Under the Tree periods in each day at Kamali Academy Virtual. We begin each day and major block of work time during the day (e.g. Core Skills or Project Time) with a 15 or 30-minute launch to create high energy and focus. During the Under the Tree launches, a guide might share a story, a video clip, or a world-class example to inspire and encourage, address the purpose behind the upcoming activity, bring up a community need, focus on building character, or establish priorities for the day. Alternatively, the guide might set up a scenario that puts warrior scholars in the shoes of someone facing an important decision, and ask the students what they would do in this ancestor’s or hero’s position.

Writing Workshops

The purpose of Writer’s Workshop is to instill a love of writing, reading, and storytelling and to empower young warriors for the rest of their lives with an understanding that putting clear thoughts to paper leads to freedom and opportunity.

Each session of Writers’ Workshop is based on a different genre. The guides design a new writing quest each session in which students have full freedom in their choice of content; however, they must learn how to navigate the creative constraints that come with each genre. Writers’ Workshop takes place 1-2 days per week for 45 minutes. It begins with a launch that includes a call to action for the day. During the launches, students are introduced to new writing techniques through various example texts.