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Our Best Schools

Black and Indigenous Children Have a lot in Common. Mainly, Schools are Failing Them! What Works?

The Solutionary Institute has compiled a report on some of our best schools serving otherwise under-served communities and their children…our future! Join our mailing list and we’ll send you a digital copy of this report today.

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“African-centered education is curriculum and pedagogy based in African Diasporic history, cultures, and motifs. In other words, both what is being taught and the way that it is being taught is culturally aligned with the African Diaspora. For example, in Math, the achievements and problem-solving strategies of ancient Kemet, Ghana, Mali, and Songhai may be included while also recognizing modern mathematicians within the Diaspora. In addition, the ways in which teachers, students, parents, and community interact will be based in a traditional sense of unity with the goal of each student’s greatest personal and academic development being achieved.”

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