A Guide to Building Our Best Schools Based on the SOIL
School of Indigenous Learning Model!

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SOIL the School of Indigenous Learning seeks to promote virtual educators who teach lessons that can be hosted on YouTube, as well as our sites, for all to view and share.

We want to promote those remote educators (who have to apply to work with us and use our model and our network) so they can develop micro-schools in their own communities, using the SOIL model.

Are you an amazing educator with a great sense of humor and creativity? Know a ton about natural living and indigenous culture? Excited about the SOIL model? Ready for something new?

SOIL might be the perfect fit for you. If you’re looking to teach virtually, you should apply for our Virtual Educator positions.

We look forward to your applications!

Application Links

SOIL Virtual Teacher Application: https://forms.gle/jzyuiWjEuqckA6c37

SOIL Student Application: https://forms.gle/ZtGok62yzRhzFgMcA

SOIL ATL Teacher Application: https://forms.gle/KCRKuhESvgFrEjsD9

How are skills taught developmentally in an interest-based child-centered curriculum?

Reading and Language Arts are part of every experience! Whatever we do, explore, or learn, we keep journals and take notes and make observations and develop questions to investigate. We create shareable pieces of literature from these notes.

Math is everywhere so we look for it! Whenever applicable, we use math as relevant. If something has parts or units involved, or if there’s a profit potential for an idea, we calculate it.

We create things that show what we’ve learned. The SOIL model offers project-based learning opportunities, meaning you do meaningful work with useful applications in the real world.

Every week offers an independent learning unit!
Each month is based on a broader learning goal!
Each semester has a large culminating project and presentation!
Every day is an amazing day of unique student-centered learning!

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